Summer re-cap July, August (and September)

By: Gordon Sommerville | 16 Oct 2015

It was a busy Summer, so here’s a quick recap of some the things I worked on during July, August and September including a long running personal project called Tranquil Waters as well as work for Vattenfall and The Famous Grouse.

  • Tranquil Waters

    First up was the release of a personal project I’d been working on since April. Tranquil Waters is a peaceful relaxing video, taking in some of the beautiful locarions around central Scotland including Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Falkirk and more.

    The whole video was filmed on a Canon 5D Mk iii and also features shots captured using a glide track to add depth and movement into some of the shots.

  • Vattenfall - Clashindarroch Wind Farm

    Another project that was published during the summer months was a video for Vattenfall, promoting their new wind farm at Clashindarroch. I worked on this video with Scott Houston, for which, we spent for two days filming in Edinburgh and on location at the Clashindarroch Wind Farm. I worked on this project as a second camera operator, picking up some General visuals as well as filming a couple of the interviews featured in the video.

    This was one of a series of videos which were produced for social media and internal communications for Vattenfall staff in the UK and Europe. A number of Vine’s were also produced and delivered to the client for use on social media within hours of the official opening.

    At 36.9MW it is expected that the Clashindarroch Wind Farm, which consists of 18 wind turbines, will produce power for up to 27,000 homes. In an average year the wind farm will save 49,000 tonnes of CO2.

  • The Famous Grouse

    Later in July I worked with Scott Houston again, this time on a series of films for the The Famous Grouse as they commenced a new marketing campaign, ‘Famous For a Reason’. The Famous Grouse is one of Scotland’s best selling whiskies, selling over 43 million bottles in 94 global markets every year. In the video shown above, Lucy Whitehall tells the story of Matthew Gloag, the founder of Famous Grouse.

    M Gloag Story Image 1

    Gloag created ‘The Grouse Brand’ in 1867. The whisky then went on to be known as The Famous Grouse, and Matthew Gloag’s signature can still be found on each bottle to this day.

    We filmed this video over a couple of days in a number of differrent locations inclduing, Scone Palace, Perth city centre and The Glenturret Distillery, Scotland’s oldest working distillery. During the production of this video I worked primarily as a second camera operator and boom operator.

    I also worked with Scott as a second camera operator on a number of interactive tasting videos for the Famous Grouse, which were filmed with Master blender, Gordon Motion in Edrington’s Sample room. The videos will be used online and on social media, as well as being displayed at exhibitions, tastings and promotional events worldwide.

    Tasting video Image 1b Tasting Video Image 2

  • Music videos and live events

    Fat Suit BTS

    During August, I worked on a music video for the band Fat Suit along with fellow alumni from SAE Glasgow at Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow. This was a large, multi-cam shoot during which I operated my own Canon 5d Mk iii as well as a Canon C100 and Sony PMW-400.

    In addition to this, I was part of the coverage for some musical performances which will be shown on Trad TV. Trad TV is a new web TV channel created by Inner Ear bringing you a choice selection of traditional Scottish, Gaelic and Celtic culture including some of the best piping, fiddle, ceilidh and ensemble music the world has to offer. I’ll be posting these projects up here when they become available online, so keep an eye out for them.

  • Heritage Roofing TV Advert

    I also worked on another TV advert during August, this time for Heritage Roofing and Roughcasting. This was another graphics advert, which highlighted some of the previous work carried out by the company as well as the area they covered and a bit about their pricing structure.

    The advert was created using after effects and using some vectors to create the van. During the creation of this advert I implemented different camera and masking techniques within After Effects to create the movement of the advert as well as the reflective surface.


    As well as this, during September, I revisited the advert I created for the Designer Rooms to create 2 more adverts to promote a sale they were running at that time.

As ever, I’m working on some more projects that should be published soon, so keep an eye out for them. If you haven’t already, give my page on Facebook a like or follow me on Twitter to stay up to date.