Road Trip

By: Gordon Sommerville | 16 Oct 2015

Last week saw Scott Houston and myself enjoy a bit of a road trip as we travelled to Birmingham and London to film interviews with Entrepreneurs and company CEO’s as part of a video for Entrepreneurial Spark. So after picking up the van and filling it up with kit I drove us down to a Premier Inn just off the M6 which would be our base for the next few days.

The next morning we were off to Entrepreneurial Spark’s Hatchery in the centre of Birmingham to set up our equipment and the white backdrop.

Image 2


Image 4

These shoots were also a chance for me to get to give my new Canon C100 Mk ii a real test drive, working alongside my Canon 5D mk iii and Scott’s Canon C100.

Following the shoot day in Birmingham, we were off to a very sunny London to film an interview at’s beautiful offices beside the Thames and we even had a chance to take in some of the lovely Richmond architecture.

Once we’d wrapped on the interview we made our way through the London rush hour traffic back to Birmingham before heading back up to Glasgow again the following day, finally making it home having covered about nine hundred miles over the four days.


Image 5

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