Braehead Foxes

By: Gordon Sommerville | 25 Sep 2016

I was out shopping at Sainsburys recently and noticed some friendly foxes hanging about, I managed to get a few pictures on my phone but later decided to go back and try and get some better pictures with my new lens. Below you can see a few of my favourites and you’ll be able to find more in the ‘Braehead Foxes’ Gallery. You’ll also find a few long exposure images from Loch Lomond in the‘Out and About’ gallery. I got up early in the morning to try and catch the sun rise, unfortunately the cloud was a bit too heavy so I decided to try and get some other creative shots while I was there instead.

Additionally, I went back to my favourite spot down beside Dumbarton castle to catch the sunset and I’ve added those images to the‘Down by the Rock’ gallery, as well as including a couple below!

Braehead Foxes image 003

Braehead Foxes image 001

Braehead Foxes image 006

Out and About image 005

Down by the Rock image 015

Down by the Rock image 016

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