‘Down by the rock’ and ‘Out and About’!

By: Gordon Sommerville | 12 Mar 2016

I’ve been out taking some more pictures recently, first up was a trip to catch the northern lights at St. Andrews having missed them the previous night. Unfortunately, they were a no show but I did get some cool pictures while I was there and they will kick off a new photo gallery called ‘Out and About’ which will feature a variety of images from different places in the future. I will still have dedicated albums for larger photo albums though, which leads nicely onto another new album, Down by the Rock. For thoseĀ of you that follow me on Instagram, you will probably know that Dumbarton Castle is one of my favourite locations for going out and taking pictures so I’ve created a dedicated album for pictures I’ve take there. Below you can a small selection from both new albums, but stay tuned as I will gradually be adding to them both in the future.







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